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Your Photo Imagine Studio Engineer both sales & after sales support service provider.

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Integrated Adebsons!

Integrated Adebsons limited is a leading provider of digital imaging equipment to photographers, studios and photolabs worldwide.  The company was launched 2000 by Adebambo Adedotun president, and incorporated August 6th 2012.

Integrated adebsons limited,The company found a niche as a reseller in the Refurbished equipment market. By offering fully refurbished equipment at dramatically affordable prices among our competetors. Business grew quickly with steady sales in Nigeria, Ghana and as well as a growing clientele internationally.  Integrated adebsons developed a successful reputation by offering name brand refurbished equipment such as 

Noritsu | Fuji | Agfa

to retailers and businesses who could not otherwise afford it.

Our Work and branch

Integrated Adebsons continues to grow both in Nigeria and Ghana its reputation for quality and dependability in refurbished equipment as well as offering exceptional technical training and support, responsive customer service and affordable leasing programs to our customers. We are committed to serving customers in the photo-imaging industry and are a proud member of many of the industry’s prominent associations.

Our Vision & Mission

Our company's vision is to be recognized as the provider-of-choice for new imaging technology, quality refurbished equipment and new, unique photo related products.  Today, Integrated adebsons imaging is uniquely poised to meet the diverse needs of professional imaging customers worldwide. We combine Creative talent with passion and purpose and that is central to everything we do.

We are brand & Photo Lab strategists, We tell branding stories through cutting edge digital and outdoor marketing. At Integrated Adebsons, we offer a unique opportunity to help our clients grow and achieve their business goals by delivering the best in communication and imagine setup.

We focus on making engaging and transforms businesses and revolutionizes Identities.

At Integrated Adebsons, we create unique & lasting brand impressions through strategy, innovation & attention to detail. We also offer optional IT Related service in area of Networking, Server Installations and Configuration.

we also offer Support for our client in area of purchasing and implementation of it IT product  Our Professional Team of developer and administrator are equipe with the knowledge in meeting your needs with customized tailor application.